Thursday, March 8, 2012

On the Road Again!

Heading up to San Francisco to attend the Contemporary Crafts Market at Fort Mason, March 10th and 11th. This is my second time I attend this show in San Francisco and I love it! What a town. They say San Francisco is a very European like city and it is all true. Big car traffic and great food and people. Going downhill on a trolley is a thrilling way to ride and view the city. OK - back to the show: the Contemporary Crafts Market is one of the few shows in California that I feel it has remained soundly strong during the years, comparing to several other ones that have lost their integrity. If you are planning to attend, please visit their website at to get more acquaintance to it; also, if you'd like to visit the show for free, you can email me at and I will forward you a couple of tickets!
There, I will showcase my newest additions to the LUPA Flowers collection: the BABY Bouquet rings, and Bracelets. Just in time for spring!
And let's remember to change the clock on Sunday 11th! I love long daylight hours!
Happy spring...

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