Tuesday, November 2, 2010


...Final Update‏- VENICE JEWELRY CLASSES and THE PEOPLE who encouraged and helped me with developing my creative hobby into my career in the jewelry industry.

When I moved into the US from Italy, years ago, I knew my goal was changing my life, especially my working life. I knew I wanted a reward for myself, not money, but something that would realize my desire of expression.

My creativity and my love for rocks made me approach the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club. From there I got the connection to what made my creativity rock, the Venice Professional Jewelry Making Classes. There I learned how to shape my visions into structure. There, I met incredible talented professionals and inventors, who gave me the tools and the courage to get out of the ordinary and out of the box of standards, my instructors Anthony Chavez and Brad Smith, along with numerous other great jewelers, so much in love with this art that sharing tips and knowledge with younger students was a must.

To be added the importance of the cameradery that these classes created. It did not matter how tired or angry or sad I would be, after very few minutes arriving into class, all I could feel was radiant energy.These classes have created a huge amount of good to the community, keeping people out of the trouble and giving them comfort and to many, a paying job.

Too sad to say that today, election day, we got the news that the classes are ended for ever, for lack of funds. I wonder where the government has decided to shift those funds, once dedicated to education...

I thank Anthony and Brad for their wonderful job and I thank all who have contributed in maintaining the classes so full of life and culture.

from Brad->

Anthony Chavez and I have been eagerly awaiting news of the remodeling project to get our jewelry classroom ready at the Emerson Adult Learning Center. Calls to the construction team have gone unanswered, so about two weeks ago I asked our school administrators to help find out our status. The answer today was not good.We all know what budget cuts in 2008 and 2009 have done to our school system, and this year's budget, signed last month, has cut another couple billion dollars. The word from downtown is that there are no construction funds available for our adult-ed class. The question had been elevated all the way to Ed Morris, Director of Adult Education. So despite having classes that were known for long lines to register and that served the needs of the local art community, our doors have finally closed after 20+ years.I will miss our classes tremendously but am so proud of what we accomplished. We've learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. Quite a few of you have put together shops to do your jewelry at home, many of you have developed your jewelry as a home-based business, a few are now employed in the industry, and several are well-known artists at top shows.It's been a pleasure to have worked with everyone at Venice,- Brad